Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sometimes I

I see him as Gene Hackman
in the Poseidon Adventure
Hanging from a wheel,
struggling to turn it,
waving me on,
save yourself.


I glimpse kind moments
only to become lost
in the juxtaposition
of everything


I have treated life like a list
things to see
people to meet
experiences to snatch




but nothing stays
how and where
I left it

even the stationary
is constantly moving
at the molecular level

and whether it was
intentional design
or ridiculous accident
here I stand,
in the breeze
of a new day
on the bottom
of the SS Poseidon

which, if you remember,
is actually the top


I still wish Gene had jumped
into a lifeboat with me


I still wonder if I am the one
left without a lifeboat

no matter

I am here
I am alive

and when I stand
dazed, hurt and confused

I am still constantly moving

at the molecular level

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